The Enhanced Content Control Utility (ECCU) is one of several supported Akamai purge interfaces. Use ECCU to specify the set of files to refresh on the edge network. Specify directories, file extensions, certain types of HTTP request, or response properties to refine the set of content to refresh. For example, you can refresh specific parts of a library or the complete cache repository for many domains. The ECCU only invalidates content. It doesn't remove content from cache.

If you have changes to content and would like to refresh or delete it from the cache, such as system updates, inventory items, or dynamic offers, use Fast Purge. Fast Purge lets you purge individual URLs, grouped content by content provider code, or cache tag within seconds. Use the ECCU if you need any additional flexibility that Fast Purge does not offer.

The Akamai Control Center provides a graphical interface to the ECCU for content administrators. For more information on the ECCU and other Akamai purge interfaces, see Purge content by directory and extensions.

For more information on why and how to purge cached content, see the Purge Cache documentation.