Add a throttling condition

A throttling condition contains the match criteria for requests that API consumers send to your APIs. You can define a condition so that it includes very coarse or granular components of your API, such as endpoints, resources, methods, or API keys associated with a selected access control group.



You can also complete this task by using the API Keys and Traffic Management API. Run the Create a throttling counter operation.

  1. In the Throttling conditions section, from the Add condition menu, select the condition that you want to configure for this throttling counter.

  2. If you selected API keys:
    a. Expand the API keys node.

    b. Select the API keys that you want to include in this throttling condition.


    Use the search bar to find API keys.

  3. If you selected Endpoints and resources:

    a. Expand the Endpoints and resources node.

    b. Select the endpoints and resources that you want to include in this throttling condition.


    Select the Show only active checkbox to display only endpoints and resources currently active on the ​Akamai​ network.

  4. Click Save.