To understand this API's various URL resources and the data it exchanges, you need to familiarize yourself with these concepts.

  • Key collection. A namespace that stores versions of public keys and indicates the ones that are active in the staging and production environments. You refer to a key collection in the JWT or JWT Verification behaviors of your IoT property.

  • Key collection version. A set of public keys within a key collection. By activating a version in the staging or production environment, you tell the associated key collection to use this version's public keys to verify JWTs in client requests. Also, creating and activating versions of your property-referenced key collection automatically updates the public keys that this property uses.

  • Activation. An object that deploys a key collection version in the staging or production environment. Note that you can only have one key collection version active in each of these environments. By activating a key collection version, you deactivate the previous one.