Identity Cloud Hosted Login API


Click the link to download the Identity Cloud REST API Postman collection.

The Hosted Login, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect APIs represent your primary toolset for managing Hosted Login. Most Hosted Login management tasks can only be carried out by using API calls. Keep in mind, too that some Hosted Login management tasks, such as managing two-factor authentication messages, or creating, modifying, and deleting Hosted Login links, require the use of other operations. For example, you need to use the Configuration API to manage two-factor authentication messages or Hosted Login Links.

Hosted Login itself is the Identity Cloud’s preferred method for managing user logins and registrations. As the successor to the JavaScript SDK, Hosted Login offers widespread support for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, making it easy for organizations to adapt the platform to meet their unique needs. And even though Identity Cloud hosts your login, registration, and user profile pages, organizations have enormous flexibility in deciding what those pages look like (background color, logo and graphics, font type, etc.) and the wording used on those pages. See the Customize Hosted Login section for more information.

Note that Hosted Login requires the use of token-based authentication: you must obtain an administrative access token before you can call most Hosted Login APIs. See the Hosted Login Get started page for more information.