View the scheduler

When you open the scheduler, you are presented with a list of past, present, and future events available for your account and contract type.

In the Schedule view, you can:

  • Change the type of view to a monthly, weekly, daily, or list view
  • Search for specific events with these filters:
    • Text. The name or description of the event
    • Tags. The tags used to label the event
    • Date range. The date range the event occurred in
    • Status. The status of the event: past, live, or upcoming
  • Export the list of events in a .csv file
  • Create an event

Clicking the event name displays a new menu on the right side. This presents details about the event, including the event's identifier, creator, last modification date. It also provides the start and end date and times and persons coordinating the event. Finally, it lists the tags and services associated with the event, and the projected audience size and location.

Depending on the selected event, the event-details menu allows you to:

  • View the event's control room or reports
  • Export the event's report to selected email addresses
  • Edit the event
  • Make a duplicate of the event
  • Remove the event