Create or edit an event

You can create a scheduled event or make changes to your events at any time.

  1. Go to > COMMON SERVICES > Event Center.

  2. On the Schedule page:

    • To create an event, click Create event.
    • To edit an event, find the event and click its name, then click Edit.
  3. Required: In Name, enter the name for the event.

  4. In Description, enter the description for the event.

  5. Required: In Start, enter a start date and time for the event.

  6. Required: In End, enter an end date and time for the event.

  7. Required: In Timezone, select where the event occurs.

  8. In Coordinators, enter the name or username of the person coordinating the event.

    As the creator of the event, you're added to the list by default.

  9. In Tags, enter the tags that you want to label the event with.


    Tags enable easy search and identification of the event.
    For example, sports channel for a streaming event.

  10. From Location, select at least one geographic region where your audience resides.

  11. From Audience size, select a predetermined audience size or enter an estimated size for the event.

  12. In Repeat event, enter the frequency that you want to repeat the event with.

    You can repeat an event up to 24 times for a selected time period.

  13. Click Next.

    The Service selection window appears.

  14. From Service type, select the service types that you want to associate with the event.

  15. From the list, select the service identifiers that you want to associate with the event.

  16. For streams only: In Bitrates, enter all expected bit rates that you want to stream.


    To view only the selected service identifiers, use the View selected only checkbox.

  17. Click Next.

  18. In the Content review step, review the associated services and click Submit.