Oct 15, 2022 — Enterprise Application Access updates

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) new software release.

EAA Client versions

No new EAA Client version is being released. The latest version is 2.8.0 for Windows, MAC, and Ubuntu platforms; and 2.1.0 for Android and iOS mobile as in June 18 release.

​Akamai​ EAA new features

Configurable Logout Page - Ability to redirect end users to a Custom URL or a Customizable EAA Logout Page when a user initiates logout. Supported when using Akamai identity provider (IdP).

Configurable Access Denied Page - Ability to redirect end users to a Custom URL or a Customizable EAA Access Denied Page when users do not have required Directory Group memberships. Supported when using Akamai IdP.

Akamai MFA / EAA MFA co-existence - Ability for an end user to use Akamai MFA, DUO MFA, or EAA MFA in parallel. This enables a smooth transition from EAA MFA/DUO MFA to Akamai MFA.

Generic SCIM support - Support for User and Group Membership SCIM provisioning from OneLogin to EAA.

Multiple Anti-Malware Vendor Integrations - Ability to configure up to 12 sets of CrowdStrike and up to 12 sets of VMware Carbon Black credentials. This feature is primarily targeted at acquisitions and easing the integration of the acquired company into an existing EAA environment. If the acquired company brings its own Crowdstrike or Carbon Black account, it can easily be added to EAA.

Internet Explorer 11 Browser - Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on June 15, 2022: Lifecycle FAQ - Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. As Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), the EAA Login Portal will not be certified with Internet Explorer 11. Administrators and End Users should use the the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge to access the EAA Login Portal.

​Akamai​ EAA Client end of support/service

EAA Client version 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 End of Service / Support - From February 28, 2022, Akamai will no longer support EAA Client versions 2.6.0 and 2.6.1. These are the last dates to receive any support for these product versions. After these dates, these versions are obsolete and no support will be available.

  • Product Migration. For customers using EAA Client versions prior to 2.4.0, migrating to newer EAA Client versions will require the older EAA Client to be uninstalled before the newer EAA Client is installed.

EAA limitations

  • When applying Report Filters on Device Posture Inventory Reports, the results show up in two pages when the page size is set to 10, even if the total number of results is less than 10. The workaround is to increase the page size to 25 to display the results properly.

  • Akamai MFA users registered in the service prior to this release are presented with a setup screen before being redirected to Akamai MFA.

  • NTLM keys were rotated with the connector upgrade in this release. This may disrupt the ongoing NTLM traffic and result in a 562 Credential error. The workaround is to log out and log back into the identity provider.

Fixed customer bugs

  • EAA does not add any default content type for zero length response anymore.
  • When a Group is moved to a different Organization Unit (OU) in an Active Directory (AD), EAA does not remove any group memberships while syncing.
  • SIEM logs have been updated with additional fields to help with troubleshooting. Refer to Access Logs in EAA Data feed adopted by SIEM solutions. If you are consuming access log with Akamai CLI EAA package or Unified Log Streamer (ULS) make sure you upgrade to the latest version.