Verify SHA-256 checksum

Verify file's SHA-256 checksum to check there's no malicious actor replacing the file or packets being lost.

How to

  1. In a command line, run the command:

    • For Windows: certutil -hashfile [file location] SHA256. For example:
    certutil -hashfile C:\Users\user1\Downloads\ SHA256
    • For Linux: sha256sum [file location]. For example:
    sha256sum ~/Downloads/
    • For Mac OS: shasum -a 256 [file location]. For example:
    shasum -a 256 ~/Downloads/

    The command line returns the file's checksum.

  2. Compare the value returned by the command line with the value from the pop over of the file in the Download Center interface.

Next steps

If the values match, you can use the downloaded file. If not, create a ticket for support.