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Welcome to Download Center

Download Center is the application that stores all files you may need to download for your ​Akamai​ products.

Available file types

The files available to download are:

  • Software. Files needed to install, upgrade, and configure your product.
  • Software MD5 hashes. Cryptographic hashes that use the Message-Digest algorithm 5. They store sensitive data, such as passwords, and verify the file’s data integrity.
  • Data codes. Text files containing values returned by EdgeScape.
  • Microlearning videos. Videos that show how to perform specific tasks in ​Akamai Control Center​
  • Documentation. Instructions and conceptual information about your product.
  • Release notes. Information about new features and enhancements, bug fixes and known issues, as well as limitations and dependencies.
  • Fixed CentOS issues. List of fixes made to the Community Enterprise Operating System, a Linux-based distribution platform.

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Release notes

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Welcome to Download Center

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