To serve web traffic over the intelligent edge platform, you need to activate your property's configuration on the production network.

Once you've tested the functionality of your property configuration, you're ready to go live.

  1. On the Manage Versions and Activations section of the Property Details page in ​Akamai Control Center​ select the version of your configuration that you want to activate in production.

  2. Click the Activate tab, then Activate v# on Production.

  3. Click Activating v# on Production.


    It can take up to 2 hours for your property to activate on the production network. To reduce propagation time, lower the DNS TTL. Once your property is established on the production network, revert to the original DNS TTL setting.

  4. Test your website just as you would if you were testing on the origin.

  5. Create the DNS CNAME record for the digital property on your authoritative name servers and point to the edge hostname.


Your content will be served over the ​Akamai​ network once the CNAME record propagates.