Configure API Acceleration

In order to use API Acceleration, you need to create a property and add a set of behaviors. Once configured, the property will be assigned an edge hostname and designated for the specialized edge map.

Confirm that you have the API Acceleration line item in your contract. You can customize your API Acceleration property to:

  • Authorize requests at the Edge in order to allow or deny users access to your application.
  • Deliver user login and status information.
  • Add TLS Fingerprint info to an HTTP header and send it back to the origin.
  • Aggregate responses and deliver properly formatted content for web or mobile clients.
  • Authenticate and authorize payments via digital gateways.
  • Transmit beacon data back to your app from client devices for analysis.

When performed at scale, millions of requests are cached and served to end users from the edge, reducing latency incurred by round trips to the origin.