• Property Manager name: Variable Error
  • Criteria version: The v2023-05-30 rule format supports the variable_​error criteria v1.1.
  • Rule format status: GA, stable
  • Access: Read-write
  • Allowed in includes: Yes

Matches any runtime errors that occur on edge servers based on the configuration of a set​_variable behavior. See Support for variables section for more information on this feature.


Matches errors for the specified set of variable_​names, otherwise matches errors from variables outside that set.

variable_​namesstring array

The name of the variable whose error triggers the match, or a space- or comma-delimited list of more than one variable name. Note that if you define a variable named VAR, the name in this field needs to appear with its added prefix as PMUSER_​VAR. When such a variable is inserted into other fields, it appears with an additional namespace as {{user.​PMUSER_​VAR}}. See the set​_variable behavior for details on variable names.

{"displayType":"string array","tag":"input","todo":true}