• Property Manager name: Content Type
  • Criteria version: The v2023-05-30 rule format supports the content_​type criteria v1.1.
  • Rule format status: GA, stable
  • Access: Read-write
  • Allowed in includes: Yes

Matches the HTTP response header's Content-Type.

Warning. The Content Type match was updated in April 2023 and the change affects configurations that implement it together with the gzip​_response behavior. With the new change, if the origin server sends out the content in an uncompressed format, the Akamai edge servers cache it and deliver it to the requesting client in the compressed .gzip format. Clients using the Content-Length response header to determine the file size will now see the compressed size of the object returned from Akamai, rather than the uncompressed size of the object returned from the origin. If you updated your property configuration after April 3rd 2023, your content​Type match is affected by this change.


Matches any Content-Type among specified values when set to IS_​ONE_​OF, otherwise IS_​NOT_​ONE_​OF reverses the match.


Matches any Content-Type among the specified values.


Matches none of the specified values.

valuesstring array

Content-Type response header value, for example text/html.

{"displayType":"string array","tag":"input","todo":true}

Allows * and ? wildcard matches among the values, so that specifying text/* matches both text/html and text/css.


Sets a case-sensitive match for all values.