The Instant feature allows you to prefetch content to the edge cache by adding link relation attributes to markup. For example:

xml <a href="page2.html" rel="Akamai-prefetch">Page 2</a>

Default link relation values are prefetch and Akamai-prefetch. Applies only to HTML elements that may specify an external file: <a>, <base>, <img>, <script>, <input>, <link>, <table>, <td>, or <th>. (For the latter three, some legacy browsers support a nonstandard background image attribute.)

This behavior provides an alternative to the prefetch and prefetchable behaviors, which allow you to configure more general prefetching behavior outside of markup.


When enabled, applies prefetching only to objects already set to be cacheable, for example using the caching behavior. Only applies to content with the tiered‚Äč_distribution behavior enabled.


Allows otherwise non-cacheable no-store content to prefetch if the URL path ends with / to indicate a request for a default file, or if the extension matches the value of the prefetch_‚Äčno_‚Äčstore‚ÄčExtensions option. Only applies to content with the sure‚Äč_route behavior enabled.

prefetch_‚Äčno_‚Äčstore‚ÄčExtensionsstring array

Specifies a set of file extensions for which the prefetch_‚Äčno_‚Äčstore option is allowed.

prefetch_‚Äčno_‚Äčstore is true
{"displayType":"string array","tag":"input","todo":true}

Allows edge servers to prefetch additional HTML pages while pages that link to them are being delivered. This only applies to links from <a> or <link> tags with the appropriate link relation attribute.

prefetch_‚Äčcacheable is true
OR¬†prefetch_‚Äčno_‚Äčstore is true