The Internet of Things: Edge Connect product allows connected users and devices to communicate on a publish-subscribe basis within reserved namespaces. In conjunction with dcp​_auth​_variable​_extractor, this behavior affects how clients can authenticate themselves to edge servers, and which groups within namespaces are authorized to access topics. It transforms a source string value extracted from the client certificate and stored as a variable, then transforms the string based on a regular expression search pattern, for use in authenticating the client request.

Note that you can apply this regular expression transformation, or either of the dcp​_auth​_hmactransformation or dcp​_auth​_substring​_transformation behaviors.


Specifies a Perl-compatible regular expression with a single grouping to capture the text. For example, a value of ^.(.{0,10}) omits the first character, but then captures up to 10 characters after that. If the regular expression does not capture a substring, authentication may fail.