Time zones


Use akamai_iam_timezones to list all time zones Akamai supports. Time zones are in ISO 8601 format. Use the values from this data source to set the time zone for a user. Administrators use this data source to set a user's time zone. The default time zone is GMT.


data "akamai_iam_timezones" "test" {

output "aka_timezone_count" {
  value = length(data.akamai_iam_timezones.test.timezones)

output "aka_timezones" {
  value = data.akamai_iam_timezones.test.timezones

Argument reference

There are no arguments for this data source.

Attributes reference

These attributes are returned:

  • timezones ‚ÄĒ Supported timezones.

    • timezone - The time zone ID.
    • description - The description of a time zone, including the GMT +/-.
    • offset - The time zone offset from GMT.
    • posix - The time zone posix.