Activation history



You are viewing the documentation for version 4.1. There is a newer version of this data source. See our migration information to upgrade.

Use the akamai_datastream_activation_history data source to list detailed information about the activation status changes for all versions of a stream.


This example returns the activation history for a provided stream ID.

data "akamai_datastream_activation_history" ds {
  stream_id = 12345

output "ds_history_stream_id" {
  value = data.akamai_datastream_activation_history.ds.stream_id

output "ds_history_activations" {
  value = data.akamai_datastream_activation_history.ds.activations

Argument reference

The data source supports this argument:

  • stream_id - (Required) A stream's unique identifier.

Attributes reference

This data source returns these attributes:

  • activations - Detailed information about an activation status change for a version of a stream, including:

    • created_by - The user who activated or deactivated the stream.
    • created_date - The date and time of an activation status change.
    • stream_id - A stream's unique identifier.
    • stream_version_id - A stream version's unique identifier.
    • is_active - Whether the version of the stream is active.