Data streams



You are viewing the documentation for version 4.1. There is a newer version of this data source. See our migration information to upgrade.

Use the akamai_datastreams data source to list details about the DataStream configuration.

Example usage

This example returns stream data for a specific group ID:

locals {
  concrete_stream = [for stream in data.akamai_datastreams.stream_list_in_group.streams : stream if stream.stream_name == "Concrete stream name"][0]

data "akamai_datastreams" "stream_list_in_group" {
  group_id = "1234"

Argument reference

The data source supports this argument:

  • group_id - (Optional) Unique identifier of the group that can access the product.

Attributes reference

This data source returns these attributes:

  • streams - Returns the latest versions of the stream configurations for all groups within in your account. You can use the group_id parameter to view the latest versions of all configurations in a specific group.
    • activation_status - The activation status of the stream. These are possible values: ACTIVATED, DEACTIVATED, ACTIVATING, DEACTIVATING, or INACTIVE. See the Activate a stream and Deactivate a stream operations.
    • archived - Whether the stream is archived.
    • connectors - The connector where the stream sends logs.
    • contract_id - Identifies the contract that the stream is associated with.
    • created_by - The user who created the stream.
    • created_date - The date and time when the stream was created in this format: 14-07-2020 07:07:40 GMT.
    • current_version_id - Identifies the current version of the stream.
    • errors - Objects that may indicate stream failure errors. Learn more about Errors.
      • detail - A message informing about the status of the failed stream.
      • title - A descriptive label for the type of error.
      • type - Identifies the error type, either ACTIVATION_ERROR or UNEXPECTED_SYSTEM_ERROR. In case of these errors, contact support for assistance before continuing.
    • group_id - Identifies the group where the stream is created.
    • group_name - The group name where the stream is created.
    • properties - List of properties associated with the stream.
      • property_id - The identifier of the property.
      • property_name - The descriptive label for the property.
    • stream_id - A stream's unique identifier.
    • stream_name - The name of the stream.
    • stream_type_name - Specifies the type of the data stream. Logs - Raw is the only stream type name currently available.
    • stream_version_id - A stream version's unique identifier.