This API's Get time series data operation returns a three-level mapping structure with details about usage and attacks on individual destination IP addresses or CIDR blocks.

In the operation's response, you can see numerous usage timestamps corresponding to individual data facets.
A data facet can have one of these formats:



This table shows sample values you may see in a response together with explanations of specific segments:

ACCESS_FLOW_DFW3_UDP_BPSACCESS_FLOW represents an Akamai router.
DFW3 stands for a data center in Dallas, Texas.
UDP indicates the User Datagram Protocol on the transport OSI layer.
BPS means the data is shown in bytes per second.
BORDER_FLOW_TOTAL_PPSBORDER_FLOW represents a customer router. All available data centers are included. TOTAL indicates all available OSI network protocols.
PPS means the data is shown in packets per second.