This section describes the conceptual objects you deal with when interacting with this API, and provides pointers to where you can learn more.

  • Stream. A URL for a live streaming event. You can create a stream, get a list of streams, retrieve stream details, and edit or delete a stream. See the Stream object type for details.

  • Origin. The source location for your live streaming media. You can directly push
    content from encoders into the origin through the Akamai ingest server, then pull the content through a CDN. See the Origin object type for details.

  • Contract. Contains information about MSL contracts for your account. See the Contract object type for details.

  • CDN providers. Returns a list of CDN providers. See the CDN object type for details.

  • CP codes. Displays the CP codes tied to the MSL contract. A CP code is a unique identifier for reporting, billing, and monitoring traffic served over the Akamai network. See the Cp codes object type for details.

  • Keys. Shared keys with partners enable authentication between
    the Origin Shield and the Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) configuration. See Generate a key for details.

  • Authentication. If you enable HTTP digest authentication for your stream, you can update the username and password combinations to prevent unauthorized access to your streaming media content. You're limited to two authentication keys for a given stream, only one of which will be active. Before deleting a previous authentication set, ensure that you update your encoder to avoid inadvertently making your stream inaccessible. See Rotate HTTP digest authentication settings for details.