Follow these steps to use this API:

  1. Create a new origin and select features such as multi-account and multi-CDN.

  2. Create a stream, using the live origin you created.

  3. Get all of the origins from the List live origins operation and provide the CP code associated with the origin in the stream creation request. The encoder zone should also match the origin location.


    Create a stream with a new live origin along with the stream settings. Get an unused CP code from List CP codes and provide it in the stream creation request.

  4. Create the Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) property with the Origin Type as Media Services Live in the Origin Server Behavior section.

You can retrieve these fields to create a stream:

To disable the multi-account and multi-CDN features, make a PUT call
with an empty object in the request body.


These endpoints are deprecated. Do not use them:

  • /msl-origin/origins/{id}/versions
  • /msl-origin/origins/{id}/versions/{version}/activate