Adaptive Media Delivery reports

Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) reports provide an analysis of the delivery of your HTTP adaptive streaming formats such as HLS, HDS, Smooth, and MPEG-DASH, from NetStorage, third-party origins, and ​Akamai​ Media Services Live.

You can use the analysis to improve the quality of your end-user viewing experience across a broad variety of network types, at varying connection speeds. From this interface, you can view real-time and historic data.

What parameters are available with this report?

The Adaptive Media Delivery reports dashboards use specific parameters in the form of metrics and dimensions.

How do I access these reports in ​Akamai Control Center​?

  1. Select the appropriate ​Akamai Control Center​ Account. Use the top-right pull-down in the header to select the account.

  2. Open the application. Go to > MEDIA > Media delivery reports.

  3. Select Adaptive Media Delivery > Realtime or Adaptive Media Delivery > Historical from the menu.

  4. Pick a "tab" to review desired reports data.