If an error occurs, this API responds with JSON objects that provide information you can use to debug the problem.

This example shows an error response object, where the title is a descriptive label for the overall problem, and the incidentId may be useful if you need to communicate the problem to your ​Akamai​ account team. It also includes the errors array that lists problems detected in the request.

    "type": "/billing/error-types/1",
    "title": "An incorrect request has been sent",
    "incidentId": "82ea2b60-a0c8-425f-9300-85bb3185cdf2",
    "errors": [
        "type": "/billing/error-types/2",
        "title": "Field 'from' is invalid. Incorrect value: null"

For details on information contained in the error responses, refer to Error response syntax.