Click the link to download the Identity Cloud REST API Postman collection.

The Social API manages and configures social login, the technology enabling users to create, and then log in to, an Identity Cloud website by using their Facebook account, their Twitter account, or an account created with any of the other supported social login identity providers. The API itself consists of a number of different operations, including:

  • The social login operations. These operations focus on the mechanics of the login process, including such things as authentication, application settings, identity providers, and social profile data.

  • The allowlist operations. These operations manage the domains found on an application's allowlist. The allowlist specifies the domains that can communicate with your social login application.

  • The account mapping operations, These operations query and change social login account mappings. These mapps represent the associations between a conventional user account and a user's social login accounts.

Accessing the Social API operations

The Social API operations are accessed by using this syntax:


To access an operation, replace {domain} with the name of your social application domain and replace {operation} with the name of the API operation. For example: