Jan 03, 2024 — Edge DNS updates

This Edge DNS release includes the following new features.

  • Zone Protection and Takedown Limited Availability. Zone Protection provides domain monitoring for look-alike domain names across the Internet. Takedown provides a means to disrupt use for domains that infringe intellectual property and perform malicious activities such as phishing attacks.

  • New threat analytics reports. Two new reports, Edge DNS Threats Summary and Edge DNS Threat Details, provide visibility into NXDOMAIN traffic with analytics including geographic heat maps for sources, top 100 NXDOMAIN query names, and adaptive spike detection. Spike event summaries are clickable to view event details.

  • Akamai Shield NS53 Limited Availability. Shield NS53 is a DNS proxy that can mitigate DNS traffic for origin authoritative name servers not using Edge DNS or Global Traffic Management.

  • Zone transfer outbound Limited Availability. Zone transfer outbound allows for chaining to additional DNS providers through Akamai Edge DNS. Transfer capabilities include TSIG and Notify.

  • Zone transfer inbound notifies using TCP. Zone transfer inbound can use the TCP protocol in addition to the UDP protocol.