Feb 01, 2023 — Edge DNS updates

This Edge DNS release includes the following new features.

  • Self-serve zone conversions. Users with write access can convert zones between primary, secondary, and alias types without Akamai assistance. This workflow is useful for scenarios such as migrations that begin with secondary zone types to transfer zone data from an alternate DNS provider.

  • Zone delegations. Interzone workflow for Edge DNS zones can now use delegation. For example, zone-a.com can delegate queries to zone-b.com using NS delegation records.

  • Zone delete comments. Zone delete workflow captures one final comment, and persists the event and its comment as a Control Center event.

  • Faster traffic reporting. Akamai now uses a new backend component for reporting data distribution and collection. This component allows for faster log delivery to the reporting systems, and enriches log data with metadata such as geolocation for the source of each query.

  • Zone Protect Beta improvements and Domain Takedown Beta. Zone Protect Beta helps customers find and manage domain names that attackers use to spoof brands, siphon traffic, and phish for personal information. Improvements include additional metadata about a related domain, and a priority action to help customers organize related domains. Additionally, Domain Takedown Beta is available to primary brand owners to request anonymous takedown of fraudulent domain content.