The Contract API provides information about ​Akamai​ contracts and the products included in those contracts. With this API, you can retrieve product information by contract ID or reporting group ID for a specified time frame.

Contracts and reporting groups are important low-level objects on which other services depend. For example, you can use them in conjunction with the Billing or Invoicing APIs.

  • Contracts. When using this API, your level of access depends on the contracts your Control Center username is associated with. If your username is not associated with the contractId you select, then the request fails. To understand contracts, you need to understand how accounts work at ​Akamai​. ​Akamai​ customers access all their services via an account key. While administrators may have access to more than one account, in general, they provision all their web assets under a single account. Within an account, there are one or more contracts, each of which has a fixed term of service during which specified ​Akamai​ products and optional modules are active.

  • Child contracts. A contract may include one or more child contracts (or subcontracts) that belong to the same account. If you get a contract that has child contracts, it only lists the products included on the parent contract. The API does not indicate the relationship between contracts. To retrieve only the products for the child contract, perform a GET on the child contract's ID.

  • Reporting groups. A reporting group is a logical grouping of multiple content provider (CP) codes that consolidates reporting for a contract. When using this API to retrieve information by reporting group, the request fails if your username is not associated with the contract that the reporting group supports. In addition, your user account needs to include the CPCode Rep Group role in order to run the reporting group operations. Reporting groups are provisioned by ​Akamai​. To request reporting groups or get more information, open a ticket under 'Support' in Control Center or contact your account team.

  • Content Provider (CP) codes. A content provider is an ​Akamai​ customer that serves traffic on the ​Akamai​ network. A CP code is a unique identifier assigned to each customer, used primarily for billing, reporting, and access control. A customer and a single contract may have multiple CP codes.