Mar 21, 2024 — Akamai Zero Trust Client 6.0.0 Limited Availability Release

​Akamai​​ ​​Zero Trust Client​​ 6.0.0 is now in limited availability. Eligible customers can go to ​Akamai​ Control Center > Enterprise Center > Client & Connectors > ​Akamai​ ​Zero Trust Client​ to deploy the upgrade. If version 6.0.0 isn’t available to you and you’d like to upgrade, contact your ​Akamai​ representative.
To learn more about the ​​Akamai​​ ​​Zero Trust Client​​ rollout process, refer to the rollout documentation.

New features and improvements

  • Guardicore Centra Agent functionality integrated into ​Zero Trust Client​. ​Akamai​ Guardicore Segmentation Security Platform is a comprehensive data center and cloud security solution that provides a single console for managing segmentation, access control, and security policies throughout your entire environment. The Segmentation module in ​Zero Trust Client​ tracks all network connections of a protected endpoint, coupled with information on the processes involved in the connection. ​Zero Trust Client​ validates each connection against a segmentation policy to allow, alert, or block the connection. The connection metadata and the applied action are reported to Centra. To learn more about Segmentation, refer to the Guardicore Segmentation documentation (requires ​Akamai​ ​Control Center​ login).
    Version 5.50.24066.05935 of the Guardicore Agent is included in the installation package.
  • Multi-user support for Access (Windows only). ​Zero Trust Client​ now supports multi-user Windows workstations. This enhancement lets users seamlessly switch between OS accounts on shared workstations and set up their individual Access configuration. The client saves Access configuration for each OS account and applies it on user login. Note that this feature doesn’t support switching to Access users or IdPs that belong to a different customer account.
  • IPv6 support for Access. Access now supports IPv6-only networks with NAT64/DNS64.
  • Transparent traffic interception support on macOS (beta). For the Threat Protection service, you can contact ​Akamai​ Support to enable transparent traffic interception on client macOS devices. Transparent traffic interception allows the client to intercept and capture traffic without modifying browser or operating system settings. With this feature, the client acts as a transparent proxy that forwards DNS traffic to SIA resolvers and web traffic to ​SIA​ Proxy.
    ​Zero Trust Client​ uses the Apple Network Extension framework to intercept traffic. As you install or upgrade the client, make sure you allow ​AZTC Extensions.
    This feature is currently in beta on macOS.
  • Assign ​SIA​ policy to directory user groups (limited availability). If your organization uses identity providers and in turn, a directory to manage its users, you can assign ​SIA​ policy to specific directory user groups. Zero Trust Client applies the assigned policy to users in these user groups. This feature is supported on version 6.0 only and requires that your Control Center account includes the Enterprise Application Access product. To try this feature, contact your ​Akamai​ representative. For more information, see User group policy in the SIA documentation.

Known issues

  • When Access is the only service configured in the client, resetting Access removes Access configuration data for all workstation users rather than only for the currently logged-in user. This issue doesn't occur when both Access and Threat Protection are configured in the client.


  • Downgrading from ​Zero Trust Client​ 6.0.0 to version 5.3.0 or older isn’t supported. To rollback to an older version of the client, you need to uninstall ​Zero Trust Client​ 6.0.0 first.
  • Upgrading to ​Zero Trust Client​ from ETP Client 4.3.1/4.7 isn't supported. To install ​Zero Trust Client​, you need to uninstall the ETP Client first.
  • Segmentation activity notifications aren’t available.
  • Quick Test doesn’t diagnose the Segmentation module.
  • When installing the client with an Identity Provider (IdP) specified using the silent install parameter (, end-users cannot switch to a different IdP post-installation. In multi-user environments, this results in all users on the workstation being restricted to a single IdP.
  • Upgrading from the Guardicore Centra agent to ​Zero Trust Client​ 6.0.0 isn’t supported. To install ​Zero Trust Client​ with Segmentation, first you need to manually uninstall the Centra agent. See the Guardicore Segmentation documentation to learn how to uninstall the Centra agent on Windows and macOS.
  • The ​Zero Trust Client​ status icon in the system tray doesn’t reflect Segmentation status changes.
  • Segmentation can be set up only via CLI. To learn how to install the client with Segmentation, refer to the silent install instructions.
  • With Segmentation enabled, you cannot change the log level in the client.
  • Segmentation cannot coexist with Threat Protection running in the transparent traffic interception mode.
  • Multi-user support for Access is limited to local logins. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections are not supported.
  • If you install the client manually and subsequently rename the machine, users will be required to re-register their IdP settings for Access.

Supported macOS versions

​Zero Trust Client​ 6.0.0​ supports the following macOS versions:

  • macOS 12 (Monterey)
  • macOS 13 (Ventura)
  • macOS 14 (Sonoma)

Required free disk space: ~200MB
Supported CPUs:

  • Intel: x86_64
  • Apple: M1, M2

Supported Windows versions

​Zero Trust Client​​ 6.0.0 supports the following Windows versions:

  • Windows 10 Home/Enterprise/Pro 64-bit
    • 1803 or higher
  • Windows 11 Home/Enterprise/Pro
    • 21H2
    • 22H2
    • 23H2

Required free disk space: ~200MB
Supported CPUs:

  • x86_64