Supported time intervals

You can use the Reporting API to access data over a range of time, bounded by the start and end timestamp values. The API imposes a 15 minute latency, where you're not guaranteed any data newer than 15 minutes old. For example, if the actual latency hovers around 13 minutes, the 15 minute estimate is rounded up. If you were to set the startDate value to 15 minutes before the current time, you will most likely receive only two minutes' worth of data. The end shouldn't be before start, and start needs to be before the current time. Both parameters shouldn't exceed data retention and have to be dividable by interval value in UTC.

Date range needs to be compatible with a particular interval:

  • MONTH. Up to 24 rows of monthly data over 2 years.
  • WEEK. Up to 104 rows of weekly data over 2 years.
  • DAY. Up to 731 rows of daily data over 2 years.
  • HOUR. Up to 744 rows of hourly data over 31 days.
  • FIVE_MINUTES. Up to 576 rows of data over 2 days.


The start and end parameters must be rounded to the time interval you're using. For example, you can set the time range of 15 minutes for the FIVE_MINUTES interval, or the time range of 3 hours for the HOUR interval.