The Network Lists API allows you to manage a common set of lists for use in various Akamai security products such as Kona Site Defender, Web App Protector, and Bot Manager. Network lists are shared sets of IP addresses, CIDR blocks, or broad geographic areas. Along with managing your own lists, you can also access read-only lists that Akamai dynamically updates for you.

This API provides support for fast activation, where deploying updated network lists typically takes less than 10 minutes. It also provides minor updates to standardize URL endpoint patterns. It consolidates the ability to search for network lists, and to list them as a collection. Viewing these collections is now much faster by default. This API also removes support for sharing lists across accounts.

Use this API if you want to programmatically manage allowlists of IP addresses and CIDR blocks under your control, integrating them with security configurations within Akamai products. Use it if you want to leverage Akamai-managed lists for use in your own security monitoring applications. Akamai provides dynamic CIDR block allowlists of popular cloud providers, and blocklists that keep track of threatening sources such as dark-web TOR nodes. You can also integrate IP blocklists from other providers into your network monitoring tools. Otherwise as an alternative to identifying IP addresses as they emerge, you can respond to threat patterns more broadly by blocking traffic from entire countries. You can also use this feature to restrict overall access to your web assets to specific countries.