When polling a network list or one of its activations, various members' enumerated values indicate its current state in either the STAGING or PRODUCTION environments. The following reflects basic, high-level status:

INACTIVEThe network list is not yet activated.
PENDING_ACTIVATIONAn activation has launched, but the network list has not yet fully activated.
ACTIVEThe network list is currently active.
MODIFIEDIndicates that a previous syncPoint version of the network list is currently active, and any subsequent modifications may need to be activated.
PENDING_DEACTIVATIONAn activation for another syncPoint version of the network list has launched, but it has not yet fully rendered this version INACTIVE.
FAILEDThe network list has failed to activate.

The following alternate set, which appears as values in the activation object's status member, reflects lower-level fast activation states:

RECEIVEDThe activation request has been received, and is being processed.
LIVEThe activation is in the process of deploying across the environment.
DEPLOYEDThe activation is deployed across the environment, and is being checked for stability.
ACTIVATEDThe activation is successfully deployed across the environment.
FAILEDThe activation failed.
ROLLBACKA cancellation request is being processed.
CANCELINGThe activation partly deployed, but is now being cancelled.
DEACTIVATEDA requested deactivation successfully completed across the environment.
STOPPEDA requested cancellation or deactivation has been completed across the environment.