Jul 19, 2022‚ÄĒNew policies

New features and enhancements

Network Locations. This new policy lets you control access based on the network location of the user's access device.

Device Location. With this policy, you can control access based on the geolocation of the user's access device.

Redesigned user policies. The new Unenrolled and Enrolled User policies let you take action in the event that an unknown, unprovisioned user attempts to access a service that requires multi-factor authentication.

Reassign a hardware token. Hardware tokens that have been assigned to a user may now be reassigned. This control is shown under the user’s devices; reassigning the token returns it to the list of available tokens that may be assigned to another user.

Known issues

  • Navigating to a user category from the Total MFA Users chart on the dashboard results in a failed to fetch users error message.
    Workaround: On the Users page, clear the search filter and search again.

  • Users using the Windows Logon plug-in and attempting to unlock the Windows locked screen may sometimes encounter errors entering just the username.
    Workaround: Users may try entering domain\username in the username field to unlock the screen.

  • Clicking the ‚ÄúHelp‚ÄĚ link present in the ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč authentication prompt may not open the link in the webview presented inside an application‚Äôs client, such as the WebEx client, that is used to authenticate with MFA for that application. As an alternative, the user may enter <<MFA_DOMAIN>>/help in a standard web browser and reach the same destination.

Supported browser versions

The following are the minimum browser versions that support the ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč browser extension:

  • Firefox 87.0

  • Google Chrome 89.0.4389.90

  • Microsoft Edge 89.0.774.57

  • Safari 14.0.3

Internet Explorer is not supported.

Supported mobile devices versions

The following mobile device OS versions support the ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč mobile app:

  • iOS 13 and above (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

  • Android 7 and above (phones and tablets)

Supported Windows versions

The following Windows versions support the Windows RDP solution:

  • Clients: Windows 10
  • Servers: Windows Server versions 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019