Apr 30, 2022 — Image & Video Manager updates

Recent updates include Terraform integration and a new, easier to find link to the Perceptual Quality preview tool.

  • Terraform integration (Beta): Terraform now features Image and Video Manager API support (Beta). Terraform supports creating, importing, reading, updating, and deleting Image and Video Manager policies and policy sets. See the Terraform documentation for more information.

  • Link to Perceptual Quality Preview Tool added: Perceptual quality lightens the weight of your images by intelligently calculating and applying a precise degree of compression that maximizes byte reduction without a perceptible impact on the visual quality of your images. The Perceptual Quality Preview Tool allows you to generate previews of images in different formats with different perceptual quality values applied. A link to this tool has been added to the right of the Derivative Quality setting in the Image Policy Editor. See the online documentation for more information about using the Perceptual Quality Preview Tool.