Prolexic IP Protect helps shield your site from DDoS attacks: attempts to disrupt your website by overwhelming it with Internet traffic. With IP Protect that isn't a problem, because most Internet traffic doesn't go directly to your website. Instead:

  1. Akamai diverts traffic bound for your site to a collection of Akamai virtual IP addresses, typically referred to as VIPs. IP Protect uses DNS records to point your domain name to these addresses.

  2. Akamai routes traffic through a scrubbing center. The scrubbing center removes network packets that are likely to be DDoS attack vectors.

  3. Akamai's Management IPs, also known as MIPs, send the sanitized traffic to your website.

Because the malicious traffic is neutralized in the scrubbing center, the DDoS attack never reaches your site. Use the Prolexic IP Protect Configuration API to manage your virtual IP addresses and to help monitor your network infrastructure.