This operation returns a collection of reports representing latency and loss of ping data as reported by network agents in each Data Center for a property. Latency and Loss parameters follow bucket ranges schema (bucket ranges, delimited by a pipe: |).

Ping Loss ranges from 0% to 100%. So a schema of 5|10|15|20 would represent grouping of data from 0% to 5%, 5% to 10%, 10% to 15%, 15% to 20%, and 20% to 100% bucket ranges. The end of one bucket would be the beginning of the next bucket. Similarly 0|5|80 would represent 0%, 0% to 5%, 5% to 100%, and 80% to 100% bucket ranges. A trailing pipe at the end of a bucket indicates that there is no greater than the max bucket, i.e. in the above example if loss schema was 0|5|80| then it would mean 0%, 0% to 5%, and 5% to 80%.

Latency is measured in milliseconds. Each bucket ranges from 0 ms to 1000 ms. So, a schema of 5|10|300|1000 would mean 0ms to 5ms, 5ms to 10ms, 10ms to 300ms, 300ms to 1000ms, and > 1000ms.

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