The following provides a road map of all the conceptual objects you deal with when interacting with GTM reports, and provides pointers to where you can learn more.

  • Domain: A Traffic Management domain is a domain with one or more subdomains that share a number of attributes that you can only configure domain-wide. These attributes include use of load imbalance factor and the set of available data centers. Each Domain object is a representation of a complete GTM domain, such as

  • Property: Representation of GTM property, such as www, which in DNS terms is a subdomain of the domain. Combined with its domain, such as, the fully qualified domain name is used for load balancing.

  • Datacenter: A group of co-located servers that are load balanced as a unit.

  • Resource: An abstract entity that constrains the load on the properties that it governs. The goal of resources is to encapsulate the architecture and topology of the network in a data center. For example, each property normally has an associated resource that represents the capacity of the servers for that property. In addition, there might be a resource that constrains the aggregate bandwidth available to all properties in a data center.

Refer to the Global Traffic Management Guide for additional information.