Invalid DomainThis error is returned when the domain is not configured, or does not have load feedback configured.
Domain Not AllowedThis error indicates that the Control Center user who submitted a request did not have permission to read or modify the GTM domain.
No Resource InstanceFor a load tuple to be valid, the resource must be configured in the given datacenter. For example, if you have three database servers, each constrained by number of connections, you might configure the "numconns" resource in three datacenters, each representing a database server. This error would fire if you attempted to update load in some other datacenters, not one of those three.
Not a Push ResourceThe resource exists, but it's not configured to use the REST load push API.
Requested Data Not Found In BodyThis error occurs when the XML or JSON does not contain data for the resource or datacenter specified in the URI.


    "detail": "Domain is not configured or does not have load feedback",
    "status": 403,
    "title": "Forbidden",
    "type": ""