Welcome to Firewall Rules Notification

​Akamai​ periodically refreshes edge server IP addresses for routine maintenance. With Firewall Rules Notification, you can manage who receives email notifications about the planned changes. ​Akamai​ provides six to eight weeks of advance notice before activating the IP addresses.

It’s important that you update your company’s firewall to accept traffic from new IP addresses, or remove access to decommissioned IP addresses. Keeping your firewall rules current ensures requests served through the IPs listed in our CIDR blocks reach your origin.

The Firewall Rules Notification application lets you:

  • Subscribe or unsubscribe users to notifications for specific services.
  • Retrieve subscription and service information.
  • View CIDR block information required to update your firewall rules.


Upcoming changes to services

Firewall Rules Notification only warns services users of upcoming changes. You're responsible for adjusting your firewall rules. Otherwise, your origin's access to ​Akamai​ might be limited and potentially impact your data.


Before you can access the application, your account administrator needs to assign you the appropriate role in Identity and Access Management. Once that's done, go to > COMMON SERVICES > Firewall change notifications to open the application.

You can also automate all settings using a programmatic interface. See the Firewall Rules Notification API.