About CIDR blocks

Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) is an IP addressing scheme that improves the allocation of IP addresses. It uses a single IP address with a prefix at the end to designate many unique IP addresses. In ​Akamai​, CIDR blocks group IP addresses belonging to ​Akamai​ edge servers for a particular service.

CIDR blocks tab

This tab displays the most recent CIDR blocks at the top, so that you can easily see what changed. Click column headers to sort entries by a given category.

Column descriptions

  • Service. Services represent ​Akamai​ products and features. They are paired with CIDR blocks.

  • CIDR Block. A list of IP addresses belonging to ​Akamai​ edge servers that deliver content for a particular service. Helps to keep your firewall rules up to date. You can remove CIDR blocks that are missing from this list and add new ones before their Activation Date.

  • Port(s). A set of ports through which your server receives traffic from ​Akamai​ servers. Make sure you set the ports to open in your firewall.

  • Activation Date. The date a CIDR block starts serving traffic to your origin. Update your firewall rules to allow traffic to pass through before this date.

  • CIDR Status. CIDR blocks show one of these statuses:

    • Active. Edge servers are currently using these CIDR blocks.
    • Future. Edge servers will use these CIDR blocks at some point in the near future.
    • Deleted. This CIDR block is no longer in service. Remove it from your firewall rules.