October 10, 2023 — Enterprise Application Access Updates

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) updates.

​Akamai​ EAA new features

​Akamai​ EAA Status and Maintenance Page– Visit the ​Akamai​ Status Page and ​Akamai​ EAA Maintenance Notifications Page to access real-time availability updates for EAA, track historical maintenance activities and incidents, and opt-in for maintenance alert notifications delivered via email, phone, slack, or text message.

In-Place Connector OS Upgrade– Upgrade the operating system of your existing EAA connectors seamlessly from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Connectors running on VMWare, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Virtual Box, Microsoft Hyper-V and Google Cloud Computing Engine with version 23.02 or above can be upgraded. This feature is presently in its early adopter phase and can be enabled in your contract by reaching out to Akamai Support.

Fixed customer bugs

  • Fixed the issue where the connector security update status incorrectly indicated a security update was available when the update had already been applied.
  • Addressed the issue where a single failed login attempt with invalid credentials led to erroneously counting as two failed attempts, thereby causing a faster account lockout.
  • Resolved the problem in which a Tunnel-type client-access application in EAA incorrectly displayed a Down status in the management portal despite it being operationally functional.
  • Resolved the issue where modifications to the health check configuration within URL path-based policies were not being logged in the application deployment history.