May 15, 2023 — Enterprise Application Access updates

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) new software release.

​Akamai​ EAA new features

VMware Connector - The EAA VMware connector now supports the VMware VSphere OVA file format eliminating the need to use the VMware OVFtool.

iPadOS Device Posture Support - iPadOS has been separated out into a separate category from iOS within device posture providing more granular operating system checking for those organizations who might permit different iOS and iPadOS versions.

Domain-joined Windows machine as a tier/tag - Whether a Windows endpoint machine is joined to a specified domain can be included in device posture tiers and tags

Idle timeout support for TCP and Tunnel Client-access applications - Administrators can match the idle time of their application to EAA. This prevents EAA from closing a connection earlier than the application would have otherwise closed down the endpoint connection.

Connector Load Calculation Updated - Dialouts was removed as a factor in the connector load calculation increasing the granularity.

Microsoft Azure AD and Okta SCIM Certifications - The Enterprise Application Access Application in the Okta and Azure AD Integration galleries now supports both SAML (SSO) and SCIM (User provisioning).

Extended support for EAA Login Portal on Internet Explorer 11 - To provide organizations with additional time to migrate their legacy applications off Internet Explorer (IE) 11, the Akamai Enterprise Application Access (EAA) Login Portal will continue to support IE 11 for an extended period. However, during this period, any new features added to the Akamai EAA Login Portal may not be available in IE 11, and security and bug fixes specific to IE 11 may be delayed. Akamai will notify customers six months in advance, before ending the IE 11 extended support period. To ensure the most seamless and secure application access experience for end-users, we strongly recommend that organizations switch to modern web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge as soon as possible.

Fixed customer bugs

  • Database improvements have been made for faster application deployments.
  • Cleanup of logs with Docker connector have been addressed.
  • Copy of Application version to Draft, for application with multiple access control rules works with no errors.
  • Duplicate users are not created when you update the Email attribute and sync the Active Directory.
  • Keyboard support has been added for RDP application on a mobile device. (both Android and iOS)