Feb 3, 2023 — Enterprise Application Access updates

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) new software release.

EAA Client versions

  • EAA Client for Windows: version 2.8.1
  • EAA Client for macOS: version 2.8.1
  • EAA Client for Ubuntu: version 2.8.1
  • EAA Client mobile app for iOS: version 2.1.0
  • EAA Client mobile app for Android: version 2.1.0

​Akamai​ EAA new features

Block and unblock users for Microsoft Azure third-party identity provider - Ability to quickly block or unblock users on Azure Cloud, Azure SCIM directory, or Active Directory associated with Azure Identity provider is available.

Tunnel reuse for client-access applications - It combines small connections today into a single tunnel. It is meant to be a performance improvement eliminating the time it takes to open a tunnel for small connections. It is on-by-default for all new EAA users.

Force EAA Client to capture traffic when tunnel destinations overlap end user subnet - Override IP Route is a new option for tunnel client-access applications that will allow EAA Client to capture traffic when tunnel destinations overlap end user subnet, providing an improvement for overlapping CIDRs.

Bulk operations on Akamai Cloud Directory - Operations like bulk delete, bulk re-invite, and bulk group add for users are available for Akamai Cloud directory both in the UI and API.

Updates to Anti-Malware Vendors for Windows - AhnLab, Cybereason, Dr.Web, G DATA, Acronis, Baidu, Check Point, Clam AV, Exosphere, F-Secure, Guardian, Huorong Security, Kingsoft, Lavasoft, Panda Defense (Watchguard Technologies), QAX, Sangfor, Seqrite, Tencent, Trellix, and ZoneAlarm have been added to the Windows anti-malware specific vendor detection list.

​Akamai​ EAA Client end of support/service

EAA Client version 2.7.X End of Service / Support - From July 30, 2023, Akamai will no longer support EAA Client versions 2.7.X. This is the last dates to receive any support for this product version. After these dates, this version is obsolete and no support will be available.

  • Product Migration. For customers using EAA Client versions prior to 2.4.0, migrating to newer EAA Client versions will require the older EAA Client to be uninstalled before the newer EAA Client is installed.

EAA limitations

  • Blocked user error message does not display on some IE browser versions, although the user is blocked access to the login portal.

  • If you are fetching EAA security events/log using Akamai Unified Log Streamer (ULS) or cli-eaa, this EAA release requires cli-eaa minimum version 0.4.6 and ULS minimum version 1.3.2. We recommend you to upgrade to the latest version, please see documentation on readme.md file of cli-eaa page on github or uls page on github.

Fixed customer bugs

  • You can upload csv files containing multiple ports, port ranges for destinations for your tunnel-type client-access applications.
  • All blocked users appear in the Enterprise Center UI and are not restricted to twenty users anymore.