April 13, 2022 - Enterprise Application Access updates

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) for Enterprise Center.

  • New Report Admin role that has permissions to run, save and download reports. This role also has read access to connectors, directories, identity providers, and applications.
  • Ability for an EAA Administrator to Block and Unblock users.
  • Ability to view a paginated list of all users associated with a directory group.
  • Ability to Force Delete groups even when they are associated with an Application.
  • Ability to quickly search by 'Application Name' on the Applications list page, while the page is loading when you have many applications.
  • Base64 encoded certificate value is now visible while managing certificates.
  • Tags input component is used to represent each URL that is allowed to embed the IDP Portal in an IFRAME. The tags component simplifies management when multiple URLs are needed.
  • Fixed issues observed when deleting Destinations from tunnel-type client-access applications.
    a)The delete icon disappears when the list is filtered.
    b) Incorrect row is deleted when search and pagination are used.