Jun 7, 2022 — Elasticsearch support, IP ACL and new data set fields

  • Now you can choose Elasticsearch as a destination to send log data in the DataStream application and the DataStream 2 API.

  • For HTTP-based log streaming destinations, you can create properties with Akamaized hostnames to use as destination URLs for your streams and filter requests using IP access lists. See custom HTTPS endpoint, Datadog, Elasticsearch, Loggly, Splunk, or Sumo Logic for details.

  • DataStream 2 now supports logging the Edge IP, Server country/region, and Billing region data set fields. Check Data set parameters for the complete list of data fields you can log.

  • You can log custom fields in DataStream 2 up to 128 bytes of data instead of 40 bytes. See Log custom parameters in the DataStream application or Custom log field in the DataStream 2 API.