Access your services

You can find and access your products, services, and applications from the Global menu located in the upper left of the UI.


The menu is divided into sections, including:

  • Filter all services
    It allows searching only in the Your Services part in the Global menu. All other objects are searchable in the search input field on the Page header.


Some of the menu names have changed so if you cannot find your menu item where expected, search for it in the Filter all services field located at the top of the Global menu.

  • Your services
    This section displays all the areas you or your account has access to. If an application is used as part of multiple product families, it is placed in the Common Services category. Hover over any menu item to see a description of the product and to access its product documentation.

  • Your activity
    It lists your most recently visited areas in ​​Control Center​. This content is also displayed on the right side of the Homepage.

  • Show all services
    Click this option at the bottom of the menu to view all services that ​Akamai​ offers. Services appear grayed-out if you don't personally have access to them, or if they aren't part of your company's contract.

    If you're curious about a product or service, hover over its name to view its description and learn more about it.