Get aggregate collection data

Queries collection related metrics (pages, transactions, etc.) from a result with grouping/aggregation by location, time in seconds or minutes, network profile, element type, or element name. Use this to determine page load time or transactions per second (tps) or get the 90th percentile for a transaction.

Valid groupBy fields

groupBy valuesdescription
secondCollections which started in the same second.
minuteCollections which started in the same minute.
locationLocation of the load generator which ran the collection.
networkProfileNetwork profile used for for the collection.
errorCollections which share the same error. This is not directly related to errors within the page/transaction, etc.
elementTypeType of element. For example, transaction, page.
elementNameName of the element.
flattenedHierarchyHierarchy expressed as a path. For example, "Shopper Clip," "Cart transaction," "Cart page."
hierarchyHierarchy where each node of the hierarchy is a node in the JSON and the JSON reflects a parent/child set of relationships.
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