Here's how the API resources function:

  • Configurations: Before your origin can communicate with the Akamai network, Akamai sets up CAC configurations for your web assets. These configurations can include one or more hostnames that Akamai uses to connect to your network. Different configurations may specify different sets of IPv4 CIDR blocks.

  • Versions: Edge server IP addresses can change over time as servers are added or removed from the Akamai network. These changes usually occur once or twice within a 90 day period. When these network changes affect your ACL, Akamai proposes updates. Each proposed update to the CIDR block list is given a version number, an integer starting at zero. You specify this version number when acknowledging.

  • Acknowledgement: Akamai doesn't apply a new versioned set of CIDR blocks to a CAC configuration until you acknowledge the change. Once you acknowledge the proposed list of CIDR blocks, Akamai applies the
    acknowledged list of CIDR blocks to the hostnames CAC configuration. Traffic then flows for those hostnames through the addresses. Keeping your local ACL synchronized with the most recent CIDR blocks ensures optimal network performance. Failure to acknowledge the updated list within 90 days of receiving it can result in reduced network performance for your web assets.