The following list provides a road map of all the conceptual objects you deal with when interacting with this API.

  • Site. A site assigns a name to a group of nodes.

  • Node. A node represents an aggregation of relevant parts including a list of interfaces, each containing a list of addresses and routes, and a list of attribute values.

  • Attribute type. A CDN Operator has the option to create a global set of node attribute types that provide additional node information to CDN Operators, IT, or support organizations.

  • Settings. A set of values the CDN Operator creates to apply to an attribute type.

  • Node boot medium image. Allows a CDN Operator to retrieve a node boot medium image in usb or iso format.

Before you begin any API operations, you must obtain an authorization token that you need from the AMC GUI. Please refer to the Get started section for detailed information.