Mar 30, 2021 — EPD with GeoGuard is GA

The Enhanced Proxy Detection (EPD) with GeoGuard feature is now generally available for all customers, and we've added some new features.

EPD enforces content rights management by blocking access to requests from malicious or anonymous VPNs and proxies. To provide our EPD solution, ​Akamai​ has collaborated with GeoComply, a third-party agent which provides a categorized IP dataset via their GeoGuard product. With this release, EPD has reached general availability status and several new features have been added. See Add Enhanced Proxy Detection for details on these new features and the use of EPD.

  • Support for the Hosting Provider category. GeoGuard offers several categories of protection. Until this release, we didn’t support its “is_hosting_provider” category. This captures IP addresses associated with Cloud and CDN providers. This brought up concerns that ​Akamai​-specific IP addresses may be included when this category was applied. We've addressed this with this release. This category is considered optional and it’s available with Advanced set as your Configuration Mode.

  • Header Enrichment. This lets you include the “Akamai-EPD” header in requests to your origin. It tells you if a connecting IP address in a request is associated with an anonymous proxy. This can be especially helpful if you need to check the requester before providing access to your content.

See Enhanced Proxy Detection & AMD to access full information on EPD.