View and troubleshoot a report

The Adaptive Acceleration creates reports based on beacon data. Changes in requested content and visitor patterns prompt the beacon data source to periodically update your report.

Use the Adaptive Acceleration interface

You can use this interface to view warnings and event logs for an Adaptive Acceleration report for troubleshooting.

  1. From ​Akamai Control Center​, select > CDN > Properties.

  2. Find your Adaptive Acceleration property in the table and click its Property Name link to open it.

  3. From the Related apps menu, select Automatic Push and Preconnect. You can perform any of these operations to help troubleshoot:

    • The Policy Last Updated timestamp indicates when the report last refreshed.

    • To view the rules generated by the Automatic Push, Preconnect, and Font Preload report, expand the Global Policy for, Domain: {hostname}, and URL for sections.

    • To troubleshoot issues with your report, click View warnings and View event logs links in the upper right. Also, refer to the monitoring and reporting tools associated with your beacon data source for additional information.

Use the Adaptive Acceleration API

You can also programmatically view your report and review pushed and preconnected resources as well as any preloaded fonts being sent to end-user browsers.

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